7 Reasons To Hire Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design

7 Reasons To Hire Lauren Jacobsen Design

Being a boutique luxury interior design company located in both Scottsdale, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California, two areas known for their exceptionally high property values, we possess a deep understanding of high-net-worth clients. Our services encompass crafting personalized designs that align seamlessly with our clients' individual tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.

Welcome to “it’s your life.”

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Here are our top 7 considerations we offer our clients.
There are more, of course, but we aren’t writing a book here.


We know our clients have a refined taste, specific needs, and a desire for luxurious, personalized homes. So, we create interiors that truly reflect their personality and unique style. What we truly bring to every client and every project is creating lifestyles. We are agents of change. It is our magic. It’s our superpower. Our greatest passion is to give our clients a lifestyle they have not previously enjoyed. That happens to cover a state of being, both emotionally and physically. We also know that’s a pretty lofty promise but what we do can be that impactful. It’s why clients come to us and then stay…for a lifetime.


Budgets are important, they always are and always will be. Let’s be honest here, we spend other people’s money. Those people are called “clients”. At Lauren Jacobsen Design we aren’t just right-brain self-proclaimed artists running around with fabric swatches in hand, we are a service business and quite comfortable working in numbers. We provide upfront budgets that outline the investment our client will be making. As the design moves forward, we then provide a very detailed accounting of investment per room and per item. All funds are tracked and reports created so our clients are informed throughout every step of the project process. The investments are not inexpensive, so accountability counts. 


We offer exclusivity and luxury. Not trends and not yesterday’s news. We want our clients to benefit from the finest and most exclusive materials. We spend time seeking out suppliers, contractors, artisans, custom-made furnishings, and services that may not be readily available to the general public. Any home can be filled with furniture and a credit card, but that is not our goal, our goal is to create homes that tell our client’s story, a story unique only to them that sets their home apart. If that includes art collections, enthusiast collections, and antiques, we welcome the opportunity to showcase such interests.


Our clients have busy schedules and many travel often, so we are experienced with online technologies to facilitate meetings and can efficiently streamline their projects, manage every detail, and meet deadlines without compromising on quality and most importantly, their time.


Lauren Jacobsen Design embodies expertise and creativity. Twenty years worth. Our Interior designers are trained professionals with a deep understanding of design principles, color theory, spatial arrangements, and aesthetics. We also want to excite, astonish, and exceed any expectations. We won’t settle for less. Our firm can offer creative solutions that our clients might not have considered resulting in a more visually appealing and functional space. As a boutique firm, we focus on fewer projects, so we are able to give our clients the personalized attention they deserve.
Family room by Lauren Jacobsen Design


Our clients may want technology and privacy. Smart homes, secure homes, high-tech solutions, and advanced automation can be integrated into the design seamlessly. We don’t like to follow rules, it’s not in our nature as creative people, but we always promote the “safety first” rule which should cover you and yours. Other considerations may include hidden safes or secure storage for valuables.


A home is to be enjoyed to its fullest, but we never lose sight that it is still an investment. Your investment. Whether it's for resale or simply for personal satisfaction, our design firm will assist you in making choices that can help maximize the potential value of the property. That leaves you mistake-free with nothing but upside.


In summary, hiring our luxury design firm can bring expertise, creativity, personalization, cost savings, time efficiency, access to resources, and stress reduction to your design project, making it a worthwhile investment for creating a beautiful and functional space that is entirely unique to you. Basically, all the things you don’t want to deal with each and every day. We get it, you have other commitments to focus your time on.

So call, and leave us to it, from the last glass coaster, to the last piece of paper. Specialization and high-level service do exist.


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