Our Top 5 Fall Colors For Your Home Interiors


Our Top 5 Fall Colors For Your Home Interiors

Your home is about you, your life, and your story.

This is how we see it at Lauren Jacobsen Design. Interiors are not meant to stay static. The fun is changing things up and that is why seasonal colors can be a great way to keep your home fresh and interesting and have some creative fun. Think of your house as having a wardrobe that you can dress for life's moments.

Incorporating a fall color palette into your home decor can transform your living space into a warm, relaxed space that aligns with the beauty of the autumn season. Using these colors sparingly as accents or as the central theme can help you create a visually appealing and harmonious space.


Fall colors are inspired by autumn’s changing leaves and natural elements. Using these colors can create a connection to the beauty of the outdoors and bring a touch of nature inside your home. The warm hue energy will make your home feel inviting and comfortable, especially during the colder months.


Here are our seasonal favorite top five colors for fall. Get ready to lean into deep and moody.



Fall colors have a timeless and classic appeal. They are not overly trendy, so your decor won’t feel outdated quickly. They make a practical choice for long-term home design. 

They can serve as both primary and accent hues in your decor. You can use them for wall paint, furniture, textiles, or accessories, creating a balanced and cohesive look.


Smokey Lavender

Fall colors allow for personalization. You can choose specific shades that resonate with you or hold personal significance, making your home feel uniquely yours. These warm, earthy tones can positively impact your mood.

They are often associated with comfort and relaxation, making your home a more pleasant place that is your sanctuary.

Expressive Plum

Muted Reds

As the temperatures drop, using deep reds will create a feeling of warmth in your interiors. "Cozy" is a good term that comes to mind. Muted reds have a classic quality and can endure and maintain their appeal over time. Depending on the shade and context, muted reds can convey a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Darker muted reds, such as burgundy or maroon, are often associated with luxury and opulence.


Blue Jewel Tones

Fall colors often provide a sense of balance and harmony in a room, and blues can anchor a space, making it feel well-rounded and complete. When paired with warm autumnal colors and earthy browns, blue can provide a pleasing contrast that balances the overall color palette.

This contrast can create visual interest and prevent the space from feeling too monotonous.

Farrow & Ball
Wine Dark

Green Jewel Tones

Deep greens and browns can promote concentration and focus and are excellent choices for home offices or study spaces. They work well in different design styles, from traditional to modern. Or, if you prefer a rustic or contemporary look, you can adapt them to suit your aesthetic. 

Green Smoke

In short, follow nature. Fall colors are complementary and work well together, so creating visually appealing color schemes is easy. Mix and match shades within the fall palette and how you want to apply them to achieve a harmonious look. You can paint walls, reupholster with fabrics, or add accessories.

What matters most is creating a space that reflects your unique style and makes you feel comfortable and content. If autumn colors align with your vision for your home, they can certainly contribute to a beautiful and inviting interior.

At Lauren Jacobsen Design, we are fluent in luxury living. We know color because we are specialists in its applications. As such, we offer our clients a tailored, visually appealing, and emotionally satisfying experience, making their spaces beautiful, cohesive, and harmonious. If you are interested in changing your home and your lifestyle, please contact us.

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