"My work is all about interpreting the lifestyle my clients are trying
to achieve, and then expressing it in a way that’s exactly right for them.”



At Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design we provide professional interior design services for discerning clients across Arizona and Southern California. Our full-service firm undertakes projects including new home construction, space additions, remodeling, and renovations for homes with character and quality.

Our firm believes in listening intently to you, understanding your ideas and visions and then interpreting them into something far more than you could achieve or imagine.  We create a unique and personal style for each and every home.  With a soft, clean-lined aesthetic infused with the right amount of color and an appreciation for the perfect canvas nature provides, we design every detail from the floor to the ceiling, from furnishings to accessories, rugs, art and more.  Every element of architectural and interior detailing is overseen by our design professionals and project managers.  What you receive in return is a beautiful, comfortable, livable home that’s transformed to be unequivocally for and about you.

Our Promises.

Yes We Have Several and We Live By Them Every Day For You:

  • Listen to what you want very carefully and ask pertinent questions
  • Consistently and carefully monitor your budget, giving you guidance and options for best results
  • Communicate often to keep you up-to-date
  • Employ the full breadth of our interior design services and capabilities to create an environment that is timeless, comfortable and reflects your voice and vision
  • Recommend reputable and responsible manufacturers and full service professional contractors to execute our designs
  • Continually research new products and technologies for healthier, helpful and more comfortable homes and integrate those into our designs
  • Maintain or exceed industry best practices in all of our processes and services
  • Manage your project with professionalism, respect and, above all, integrity
  • Be completely honest with you, offering you our best expert guidance and solutions throughout the lifecycle of your project
  • Make your home the home you always dreamed of

The Services We Offer

Full Service Design

Residential design requires a high degree of project management with the skills and tools to be able to work effectively, nimbly and, above all, professionally.  Our full service program enables us to envision and oversee the design, construction and purchasing, to advocate for you and ensure that your vision is perfectly executed, your budget is well-managed, and the result is so much more than you expected.

Our full service design program kicks off with an onboard meeting.  It is here where we learn your dreams and expectations.  We can walk the site, discuss what you want to invest in the project and establish your timeline.

The design phase begins when we take everything we have discussed and put our expert style and creativity to the task. We begin with space planning, then move to selecting appropriate products, materials, furnishings, cabinetry, millwork, lighting, paint colors and more.  We employ highly accurate digital drawings as we plan your interior detailing so the trades people, vendors and our team can confidently provide budgets, quotes and construction itemizations.

Throughout the course of your project, we oversee purchase management and administration.  We will create the proposals, purchase orders and invoices; we handle order placement, tracking, shipping, deliveries and installation.  It’s what sets our interior design services apart from others.  All those behind-the-scenes meetings, receipt and inventory of goods, and questions expertly answered, that’s what we do.

The final steps in the project are just as important as the first.  We are there until everything is completed, delivered and installed.  Your construction is finished and approved; your furniture is delivered, unboxed, inspected and carefully situated; your new window treatments and every accessory are thoughtfully assembled and placed.  Everything is clean and awaiting your arrival.  We walk through with you, allowing you to soak in every last detail.  And then, the reaction we’ve worked so hard for: a quiet, deep intake of breath followed by “wow” or screams of “I love my house!”  Then, we know we’ve accomplished what we set out to.

Consultation Only

For clients who have their vendors selected and who know what they want, but need our expertise to pull it all together.  We act as your design wingman.  For a determined number of hours, we will meet with you and your vendors to guide you in making the right decisions for options such as tile selections, countertops, furniture, plumbing fixtures, appliances and more.  We provide expert design direction and offer you ways to optimize your budget.  You handle ordering, purchasing and timeline.  Using our consultative services  can help you avoid costly mistakes, delays and possible re-dos.