“The best way to create fantastic design is working with fantastic clients.
Here are some comments from those that we have worked with so far”.


Lauren is literally the best interior designer ever! She is the consummate professional; trustworthy, detail-oriented, an absolute pleasure to deal with and incredibly talented. Not only does Lauren source products within agreed-up-budgets, but they are of the highest standard and complement the overall look and feel of the space. Her innate sense of style and creativity make her ideas both original and classic. The teams she works with for building and installation are equally top-notch, a testament to her long-standing relationships in the industry.

Twice, Lauren has undertaken a full design renovation for me, from bathrooms to kitchen to living and office rooms, She has provided an elegant, modern and sleek backdrop for my media appearances that has been a fantastic fit to this environment of more people working from home on Zoom and Skype. There is nothing that is too big or too small for her to take on and transform. I highly recommend Lauren!

Nomi P., Los Angeles, CA

"I met Lauren through Houzz. I had been browsing the website for a few years and when the time was right, I knew I would find the right interior designer here. I contacted several designers, arranged onsite meetings. When Lauren came to the onsite meeting, we immediately clicked. I had a good feeling she understood exactly what I wanted. She articulated her ideas fully even before I hired her without fearing that I would take her ideas to someone else.

Lauren and I collaborated on the project and after decisions were made, she ensured that the appliances, hardware, lighting, etc. were ordered and delivered on time so as not to delay the contractors and work proceeded smoothly. Whenever there was an issue like wrong size washer and dryer delivered, she dealt with it immediately. The initial project was for the kitchen and laundry only, but I expanded the project to include family room, living room, dining room and guest bathroom. She blended classic and contemporary styles so beautifully that the pieces will never go out of style for many years to come.

Lauren was easy to get hold of via phone or email and responded to emails immediately or within a couple of hours. She was very knowledgeable and over the course of the project sometimes steered me politely away from some of the choices I thought were good. At the conclusion of the project she was right of course! Lauren’s personality was easy and lovely to work with, but she was also firm with the contractors when needed until everything was done exactly how she wanted it. After several months on the project she has become like a member of the family and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Connie H., Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design was a very collaborative and creative approach to a complete makeover of a guest room from every detail. Lauren had a wonderful way to mix materials in order to create a very sophisticated room, but one that felt comfortable and not stuffy. Lauren is a stickler to details and oversees all vendors with a keen eye for quality. She really listens to what you envision and offers up very keen insight to bring your vision to life! Extremely pleased with the outcome."

Mario and Michele F., Burbank, CA

"Lauren redesigned the floor plan for my home and created an open concept for the kitchen and dining area that turned out awesome! From the beginning we were on the same page in terms of style and direction of the project. She really cares about client needs and has a flair for making things look stunning."

Shaun K. Toluca Lake, CA

"I've experienced a number of Lauren's projects and can say without hesitation that she has impeccable taste and a keen eye for details and how they fit into an overall design. There’s a feeling of everything being just right when I walk into a Lauren Jacobsen space."

Douglas Hill of Douglas Hill Photography

We can’t say enough about Lauren’s expertise, her professionalism, and her design ideas! She helped us update our entire house including a complete remodeling of our master bath. The work is high quality and Lauren was careful to consider our budget. We are extremely pleased with the results and we enjoyed working with Lauren throughout the project! My husband and I are not creative types, but Lauren was able to define our style and provide us with wonderful choices for every room. We highly recommend Lauren!

LuAnn Smith, CA

We hired Lauren Jacobsen to guide us with a comprehensive house "refresh" with the focus on updating our kitchen. I've worked with other design professionals before, but my experiences did not leave me happy and in fact , left me with reservations about hiring anyone again.

Lauren is a rare combination of a professional who is both organized and detail oriented -- as well as creative! She arrived with a notebook full of terrific ideas. She was solution and budget conscious, unlike others I worked with, and she always took my taste and thoughts into consideration. She addressed the fears and reservations I had with previous designers put together a budget with a detailed breakdown of project costs, etc.

I honestly don't believe I would have had as wonderful an outcome on my project had we not hired Lauren, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone in need of a professional with great taste and ability to execute it well!

Jim and Mel R., Encino, CA

If there were more than five stars, I would have used every one - it would be impossible to give a recommendation that is high enough. Lauren designed two bathrooms, a walk-in closet, and a bar/pantry cupboard area. She came up with incredible ideas that not only worked beautifully, but were exactly what I wanted but could not have dreamed of in a lifetime. She is professional, intelligent, observant, a perfectionist, listens intently and uses what she hears, and very importantly, is a delight to be with. When Lauren is around, it is fun. Things inevitability go wrong from time to time with contractors and subs, but Lauren was on top of it and dealt with the issues with such aplomb and graciousness that it was a life lesson. Project not yet finished, so no photos, but would be happy to submit them at a later date.

Jim and Linda K., Santa Monica, CA

Dear Lauren,
I would like to thank you for the time, effort and excellent work you did in helping me design my new interiors.   It is now a much more warm and comfortable place to live. You have proven to be an easy person to work with,  and who has unique creative ideas and suggestions.

The working relationships with contractors, your knowledge in regard to products and materials was wonderful. It freed me from the the apprehension of the unknown. The independent way you were able to handle problematic situations and continue the job so that the best was achieved was of great value.

You were timely, reliable, and thoughtful in your approach to each aspect: whether it was the paint color and quality, the fabrics, flooring or furniture. Your input, taste and suggestions were always excellent.

Again, thank you for the quality and value you have delivered.

Dr. Boyd F. Burbank, CA

Lauren Jacobsen is highly professional. She has provided us with many terrific ideas and she truly comes across as someone who is passionate about design. She has been a real pleasure to work with (even though the same can probably not always be said of us)!

We hired Lauren to help us decorate our living and dining rooms. We now have new and reupholstered chairs and a sofa, many pieces of new wooden living room furniture, a new rug, an upholstered bench, lamps, accessories, pillows, and many pieces of new artwork.

Lauren has been very accommodating to our design desires and has always very tactfully and with good nature gently nudged us forward toward project completion. She has been very sensitive to our budget constraints.  She seems to have an endless pool of resources available to meet our various needs: Computerized design plans, upholsterers, furniture makers and retailers, rug professionals, art suppliers, art framers, even professional art hangers.

We highly recommend hiring Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design.

Richard and Beverly M. Los Angeles, CA

"I had the great pleasure of working with Lauren last year. I hired her with a crazy timeline and many ideas of what I wanted. She not only met the deadline, but she consolidated all my ideas and produced an absolutely perfect result. She was supportive and surpassed my expectations! I am NOT exaggerating...I am getting ready to hire her again!! You can contact me through Lauren at any time, I am happy to tell you why I highly recommend her!"

Pam C.  Hidden Hills, CA

Lauren Jacobsen has not only the extraordinary artistic talent for envisioning a client's needs and tastes, but also the insight, intuition and understanding it requires to distill all of that into an actual, cohesive, workable plan that the client doesn't just "like," but "loves." She was concerned throughout the process with MY wants, needs and tastes, not her own. She never hesitated to assert herself, without having to be prodded or cajoled by my having to say, "please, you're not going to hurt my feelings, what do you think?". To the contrary, she never hesitated to suggest, kindly and gently, "this will not work," or "this might be better," or "what about this?". In other words, I didn't need to have to beg her to be frank; she just was. I needed her looking out for me, especially in areas in which I had no experience, and she did.

To me, that's a dream designer. She is also not hard-sell. Although her practice can provide beginning-to-end oversight, if you like, it is not required. We came up with a plan with her that we were happy with, including selections on all kinds of things-- design, floor plan, tile, colors, cabinets, appliances, hardware--and she was more than happy for us to have a contractual arrangement that provided ONLY for those things, and nothing further. In other words, beginning-to-end oversight was an option, but not a requirement that was begrudgingly conceded if it wasn't needed. She was happy to provide whatever we needed. She is a customer-service-oriented designer. In other words, we got the impression, you can have as minimal--or as maximally expansive, hands-on-involvement on her part as you like. Your choice, the customer. Who could ask for more. Bottom line: We couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended.
Five stars, hands down.

Laura and Henry K.   Valley Village, CA

"I hired Lauren to help me rework my live/work space and bring a cohesiveness to an otherwise random amalgam of interesting artifacts, curios and worldly collectings. Her ability to do all of this (and more) in a way that never compromised the "me-ness" of my space was truly impressive. Her absolute genius with colors left my new and improved space feeling more expansive and "alive" and garners compliments from nearly every client who steps foot through the door. I would strongly recommend Lauren to anyone looking to make a living space spectacular. She is, quite plainly, amazing."

Antony G.   Los Angeles, CA

"We've seen Lauren's work previously and love her design style(s). We recently had some reconstruction done to our small, old home and realize the mistake in not contacting her and working with her during the construction, a HUGE error! We appreciate and LOVE what she's been able to design, after the fact. She gets the job done well and delivers what we ask of her!!! p.s. - we aren't done, there's always room for more.

Susan & Ben D.   Glendale, CA

"Lauren is fantastic! You hire a designer for their creativity and vision – and Lauren clearly has this in spades. We’re thrilled with the living room and bedroom she’s done for us. They are beautiful rooms that always wow our friends and family, and they’re also extremely functional. She thinks about how they will be lived in, not just how the rooms look, so that they’re not just showrooms, but comfortable places where you want to spend time. But what separate good designers from the so-so ones is their ability to communicate, their responsiveness, and their attention to detail, this is where Lauren really shines.

Lauren communicates extremely well on all levels. Lauren was always able to devise creative solutions, even when our budget was tight. And every detail was handled. Nothing was too small to escape her attention. Lauren is the consummate professional – and even better she’s fun to work with. We enjoy the process from beginning to end each time we work with her."

Tom and Tina L.   Tarzana, CA

"I’ve utilized Lauren’s services both for my personal residences, as well as investment properties that I’ve bought with the sole purpose of renovating and reselling. In all these projects Lauren has made suggestions for both colors and furnishings that were tailored to my personal style and budget. Perhaps the most value Lauren brings to each house is an amazingly sophisticated and understated perspective.

I found many of her choices unexpected, and when I trusted her judgment and challenged myself to go with her suggestions, I was amazed at the level of polish and sophistication her attention to detail brought to the final product.”

Jeff W.   Glendale, CA

"We have completed phase I of our Living Room and Dining Room redesign, and I love it! As my husband says, the rooms look beautiful!”  I can’t believe how effortlessly you assisted us in our vision to update our rooms. They are exactly as I pictured them. I have never worked with a designer before, and I was a bit nervous about the cost, and time needed for decision-making. I am no longer nervous, and I look forward to the next phase of our project."

“Lauren has assisted my husband and me in upgrading our home(s) twice. We have been on a budget and despite the limitations the results have been remarkable. Our current home was purchased in order to downsize and again using existing furnishings, along with upgrades, built in shelving, etc. we again believe we have increased the value of our home, as well as reached a level of satisfaction that we could not have achieved without her expertise. We recommend Lauren without reservation.

Cos and Kelly A.   Toluca Lake, CA

“Lauren Jacobsen brings more than beautiful design, and practical choices to your project. You can rely on Lauren to recommend highly skilled people for each job.  Her objective listening, informed decision making, planning, integrity, and history of success, make your best choice, Lauren Jacobsen.”

Tom A.  Los Angeles, CA

“Lauren designed and created a Bathroom finish that has made that room in our house a remarkable show piece. Her professionalism and vision were appreciated. I highly recommend Lauren to any other prospective client who wishes to hire a quality Designer that you can entrust your home with.”

Mark and Michele P.   West Hills, CA