Experience High Point Market With An Interior Designer 

High Point Market From the Point Of View Of An Interior Designer 

High Point Market is known as the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, and it's a fantastic place to discover the latest products in furniture, decor, and design.

Every year I attend market week to look for new products, new items, you know, the ‘wonderfulness’ I find to make your home and your life exceptional. It's a big trip, a week in fact. I also spend time building my relationships with manufacturers and my reps.

High Point Market with Lauren Jacobsen Design

I walk a lot and I sit a lot.  That’s right. Sit, then move, then sit on something else. Because not everything can be found in a showroom back home somewhere, so it is up to me to test everything on my client’s behalf. Who knew playing "musical chairs" as a kid would prepare me so well?

I have the opportunity to see, test, and discuss new products and technologies.  Furniture being made from recycled plastics and fiberglass these days, and not just wood and metal. Good to know and put it to the pros and cons test.

I also have discussions about freight costs, overseas manufacturing, and trucking.  Always a hot topic that changes as often as Google's algorithms. Is attending High Point fun? Well, yes, but don't ask my feet. There are over 200 showrooms spread across the entire city. Seasoned market attendees know the ropes: you are going to walk the equivalent of 200 football fields, and you better switch shoes every two days because your feet and legs will be in full protest. No one gets out free. By day three, people are moving much slower and sitting on chairs and sofas a much longer. No one has set up this business yet, but I am convinced people would pay $50 for a 15-minute professional foot massage. That is 75,000 pairs of feet. You do the math.

high point market console furniture

A list of the benefits of my showroom experience.


High Point Market is where the latest trends in home furnishings and interior design are showcased. Interior designers can gain insights into upcoming styles, color palettes, and design elements that they can incorporate into their projects. What did I note? Bouclé fabric is still in demand as is curved furniture. I saw a new sofa and sectional arm this year in several manufacturer’s lines It is an art deco inspired arm. I like it, a nice change for the big square track arms. Green is finally showing up in furniture and fabrics and it looks fabulous.

High Point Market showroom lving room

The event hosts a vast array of exhibitors, from furniture manufacturers to accessory suppliers.  I picked up a few product lines in furniture and rugs that I have been aware of but they have really upped their game and have some nice, new products.

High Point Market Fall 2023

trio-table accessories at High Point Market

High Point Market attracts professionals from the interior design and home furnishings industry around the country. It's an excellent opportunity to network with peers, potential clients, and suppliers, fostering new relationships and collaborations. Even on the bus from our hotel every morning and at the small café in the main hall, a small group of us designers have breakfast, share sources we saw the day before, and some of our work processes we use in day to day business. Those little nuggets you run across only by conversation.



Many educational seminars and talks are held during High Point Market. Interior designers can attend these to learn from industry experts and gain knowledge on various aspects of design and business. I am in a professional business group, so the first day was dedicated to business practices and finance.

Manufacturers often use High Point Market as a platform to launch their new products. Interior designers can be among the first to see and experience these new items, setting them apart in offering cutting-edge designs to their clients.

I found a huge variety of artwork, lighting, and accessories to complement my design projects. This year's market was a carnival of accessories, with an abundance of quirky and delightful items vying for my attention. I went on a photo spree, snapping away like a design paparazzo, capturing only the crème de la crème of what caught my eye — because, let's face it — not every accessory can make it to design stardom!



High Point Market is a vibrant epicenter of creativity, where interior designers can dive headfirst into an atmosphere that not only ignites their imagination but also facilitates the envisioning of distinctive design solutions. Personally, I've experienced this firsthand with two projects I am working on currently. After strolling (you stroll by the end of the week because of those sore feet) through the market's design wonderland, I returned to the office buzzing with inspiration. Some furnishings I discovered weren't just aesthetically superior, but even boasted more budget-friendly price points.

By attending High Point Market regularly, I can stay updated on long-term market trends, which can help evolve my design strategies over time.

Lauren Jacobsen at High Point Market

Overall, High Point Market is an essential event for interior designers, providing a platform for inspiration, product sourcing, education, and networking. It can be a crucial part of staying at the forefront of the interior design industry and delivering the best design solutions to my clients. Nothing can replace actually seeing and touching a product. It has to be experienced, otherwise, it's just paperwork.

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