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Design inspiration

In previous posts, I have discussed how I infuse natural influeces in all of my designs.  This is not only a favorite aesthetic but, a personal and emotional preference that feeds my soul and artistic instinct.

I RECALL THE PLACES OF MY YOUTH—the textures and fragrances of my grandmother’s garden, wild grasses, rich soil, the sea air—all of which resonate and influence my creative, and influence my design expression to this day.
This month, I will share with you some other ‘influencers’ in the world of design that I look forward to adding to my design vernacular.

I recently had a chance to visit the Quintus showroom and thoroughly enjoyed the modern lines in their furniture.  These clean, refined silhouettes are sculptural like a piece of fine art and create a powerful statement in a room.

Quintus modern room and chair

Quintus entryway table



Greyson Sofa

There are a number of great garden and organic themed prints in both fabrics and wall-coverings to consider these days, which of course works right into my style. It is the color and movement that catches my eye along with the ‘fantastic’ as subject matter for prints.  Osborne & Little is one of my recent favorites because they are offering so many great options.

Osborne & Little Enchanted Garden sheers


Water Lily wall covering by Osborne & Little


There is always the challenge of an empty room that excites the mind. Mixing period styles, patterns, colors and textures in an unexpected collection that brings freshness to items we have seen or lived with over time. It is that juxtaposition of items I constantly search for when designing a home.  The chair below is from Hickory White furniture.  A cool geometric pattern on a classic high-back chair.

Hickory White modern classic chair


L.A. based group, Gregorius | Pineo, is a talented group of artisans who produce handcrafted pieces that mix subtle and bold textures and materials.  I love this furniture—it inspires me in my design—I hope it will inspire my clients as well.



I visit trade shows and furniture markets each year to keep abreast of all that is going on in the world of interior design for my clients. It is really exciting to see the ever expanding plethora of ideas pouring onto the design landscape. Long gone are the times of such conservative and rigid rules of expression and style. Now design offers me even greater opportunities to create spaces that are not only functional but homes that are transformed to be completely about each client. Personal expression is so much fun to develop within each project.

I always tell my clients “don’t be boring, be brave,” because the results are far more reflective of the place we truly call our home.

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