Tis The Season

Impress Your Guests This Holiday

          “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”  –Charles Eames 

Our purpose? A celebration.

THE HOLIDAY SEASON is, by my definition, a time to celebrate, reflect, give, and to share good tidings.  It is also the best time of the year to DECORATE!  I never weary of the creativity shown in the ornamentation, trimmings, and at times, the frippery in holiday decorations the world over.

This year, I would like to offer some creative assistance in your holiday design to help achieve the most festive home for the holidays and, to create an atmosphere of warm hospitality.The ambience begins at the entryway to your home, setting the mood for your merrymaking.  As your guests enter, they may see a beautiful tree, or the light of the fireplace framed with embellishments. The dining room and table may be the crowning glory or, an entire home could be arrayed in all the glitter and glamour of the holidays.  Either way, we can design a wonderful decorative story for you.

Lauren's interior decorations

We will do our best to invigorate and exhilarate four of the five basic senses!

The sense of taste, smell and touch are effected by the wonderful menu choices you have made. But why not accentuate the positive?  We can add wonderful to the wonderful fragrances for the holidays by adding candles, flowers, and flora confections.  The decor itself will have tangible and visual stimulation but allow me to remind you of the sense of hearing.  We could recommend classical, traditional, or whimsical holiday musical selections for the evening playlist.  I realize that may be something you will want to personalize for yourself but, we’re willing to contribute.  Either way, we politely suggest you don’t leave that out of the mix.

Photos by Douglas Hill Photography

Each year it feels like there’s more and more to do, and less and less time with which to do it in.  Who has time to run around town looking for holiday trimmings only to get there and find they are already sold out? Now where do you go? As ever, time is of the essence. Tick tock, tick, tock.

Lauren Jacobsen Design knows where to get the best holiday furnishings.  It’s our business to know!  After we get a sense of your personal style and preferences, we will bring that to your home and create an environment from top to bottom, in a way you may not have imagined.

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