Why Hire A Designer?

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) published the results of a survey of homeowners who had hired and worked with an interior designer indicating:

Nearly 9 out of 10 said their experience was “Highly Satisfactory.”

  • Almost all revealed they would work with an interior designer again.
  • 8 in 10 said they thought the designer’s fee was fair for the work done.
  • The most unappreciated advantage of using a design professional is the savings in time and money they provide.

A list of answers to “why hire an interior designer?" 

1. Professionally trained.

Interior designers go through specific design education. Not only course work in design but also space planning, drafting, lighting, and some construction. As technology advances, so must our understanding of it to best serve our clients. I am constantly taking coursework and webinars to learn more about technologies, materials, and products that come on the market. 

blueprints and interior design plans

I also attend trade shows such as local showroom events, the annual Kitchen Bath Industry Show (KBIS), and High Point Market (HPMKT), which are week-long manufacturer exhibit shows where I and many designers from across the country travel to see thousands of products and learn about their function and quality.  

This month I have already attended an in-person presentation about Ultra Compact Sintered Stone (Sintered: what's that? My point exactly). I also walked a facility where they fabricate countertops to understand even more about how it is processed and what the capabilities are that I, as a designer, can utilize in my designs. 

Ultra Compact Sintered Stone

Cutting the edge detail on a countertop.

Old World Granite Co.



Working out in the field with builders, architects, contractors, and a whole litany of trades. 

Then, there are the years of practical experience. Working out in the field with builders, architects, contractors, and a whole litany of trades. 

Designers have experience with on-site construction issues and installation requirements involving the build's design portion. If the job requires experts, designers typically have a list of resources they can call upon, such as technology integrators or lighting designers.


2. Interior designers see the world (your home) in a way you do not.

You hire and pay an interior designer for their ability to visualize the complete design of your entire home, all out of thin air. It could just be a kitchen, but whatever it is, designers are taking into consideration how you want to use the space for the best functionality, your personality so the home reflects you, and of course your budget. These are just some examples of what a designer will focus on. Then, through their expertise and experience, they bring this vision into reality. Perfectly installed down to the last drink coaster. This is the value of a Designer's "vision and ideas".

Why hire an interior designer?


3. Hire a designer because they are proficient at all phases of the project.

Designers carefully listen to their clients' needs, and desires. A budget is set, and the design goes into development. This can include designing each space, furniture layouts, cabinet designs, lighting solutions, furniture selections, and everything between the floor and ceiling. Once the design is approved, the designer begins procuring all of the product, from sourcing to purchasing and delivery. When the product arrives, it must be installed in place by a team of white-glove furniture installers. To proficiently accomplish all of this is the value in what the designer "knows."

4. Working with a designer gives you access to a network of tradespeople.

Designers have developed relationships and work closely with trusted contractors, builders, and subcontractors and communicate on their levels—building codes, architectural options, limitations—to ensure the job runs according to the agreed-upon design direction.


5. Designers have developed long-term relationships with trade-only manufacturers and vendors.

Designers already know where to go to get the best products at the right price point and or quality. They have built long-term relationships with trade partners that 100% benefit their clients.  A custom commission could be cabinetry, upholstery, wall coverings, furniture, lighting, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Why hire an interior designer?

6. Hiring a designer will save you time and reduce stress.

Many aspects of a project can go sideways, an interior designer will ensure all the details come to a successful result. They know what specifics to apply to each item whether it be a sectional sofa or upholstering a chair. They prevent costly mistakes clients may make on their own.

Why hire an interior designer?

Why hire an interior designer?

Where do I begin, and what should I be looking for in a designer?

1. Portfolio and recommendation review.

A designer’s website and portfolio will show you the range and scope of past projects, and reading the client reviews will give some insight into their working relationships. Services offered will let you know quickly if your project may be a good fit.

2. Meet in person or through a digital conference so you can speak with one another in real-time. 

You want to get a sense of one another and if you feel good when communicating. This goes both ways, the designer will also be assessing you and your project to see if you are a good fit for the firm.
Prepare a list of questions.

  • What is their style?
  • What services do they offer?
  • Ask about the projects in the company's portfolio.
  • What are the company's communication and project management methods?

Be prepared to discuss the potential budget, it is one of the first pieces of information the designer needs.

Why hire an interior designer?

How will I know which one will be the best fit for me?

1. Connection.

I find it essential to connect with my clients to know how they want to feel in their space. What is their vision for their own unique lifestyle? You as a client will be working with this design professional for months and maybe years depending on the size and scope of the project. It is important the relationship is smooth and comfortable for all. And fun!

Hiring an interior designer may seem like an added expense, or just not worth the money, but it is in fact the exact opposite. The benefits to the design and money not to mention your time saved, are tremendous. Here's a good question to ask yourself: do you cut your own hair? Not likely, so to pull something together as complex as an entire home or remodel a kitchen is going to be a huge challenge.

Why not have an expert at your side that has the ability to forever transform your lifestyle and your dreams.

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