The story of a remodel.

“Before and After” projects are always so dramatic, and this one is no exception.

This home was a mid-century style located in a nice, quiet residential neighborhood in Los Angeles The entire project started with a very dated kitchen. It reached way back! You can see linoleum floors and Formica countertops.  I think the cabinetry was hanging on by its fingertips.  Clearly, it had a strong will to survive.

Overall, the house had “good bones” as we like to say in interior design. The client had remodeled some of the bedrooms and bathrooms previously, but the front portion of the house had not been addressed since, well…since mid-last century.

The Kitchen BEFORE remodel


My client’s preference was an all-white kitchen, a very popular request. To add interest within the space and create a focal point at the range I added accents of black.

The kitchen AFTER remodel


The kitchen AFTER remodel

The kitchen AFTER remodel

The kitchen AFTER remodel











The Breakfast Room BEFORE remodelThe kitchen AFTER remodel



The laundry room is adjacent to the kitchen and it also needed to be remodeled so I included that into the kitchen budget.

Pro tip: it is always more efficient in remodeling to address as much space as possible at one time. That way, trades can take an inclusive approach to the site. Costs go down as trades can schedule all needed time to be at the project and they can bundle materials and labor for a better rate.

The Breakfast Room AFTER remodel


The Laundry room BEFORE remodel

The laundry room AFTER remodel
The Laundry room AFTER remodel

MUGS-Hillman-8x10-250p-3 copy

My client left the rest of the home’s design direction up to me. What a great experience!

Of course, as a responsible designer I showed her all design concepts, furnishing selections and budgets for her approval.

The orders for furniture were placed as the construction team worked through the rest of the house. One existing area of particular dislike for the client was a lava rock fireplace in the living room. That had to go!

The Living room BEFORE remodel

So, I lightened up the wall section by installing a beautiful white stacked stone to agree with the architectural style of the home and added two niches with accent lighting which added a nice mood to the room and highlighted the accessories within.

The living room room AFTER remodel


The living room AFTER remodelThe living room drapes AFTER remodel














The living room and family room had been a mix of inherited furniture that did not fit the client’s personality, functionality, nor the style of the home.

The family room had an open bar area that was never utilized and therefore was simply wasted space. I reclaimed that area and created a very useful walk-in pantry for the kitchen.

Incorporating the selected blue/green palette throughout the house and into the living room ties the entire interior together. Color palettes are very important as they provide flow and uniformity to the home. They are best realized in paint colors, fabrics and accessories. яндекс


The living room AFTER remodel


The family room BEFORE remodel

The family room room AFTER remodel


The family room AFTER remodel

MUGS-Hillman-8x10-250p-2 copy

The dining room BEFORE remodel


The dining room needed to be a statement room; formal yet inviting, bold and elegant. I selected a deep green for the walls. I have to give my client so much credit as she was brave and trusted me. It is always challenging to paint a picture for rooms when one does not exist.

Plus, I like to push my clients beyond what they are used to. The last thing I want to provide in custom design is something everyone else already has. My client was ready for a big change in her life, so the timing was right.


The dining room AFTER remodel

MUGS-Hillman-8x10-250p-9 copy

In my design, I always represent nature within every project. It may be reflected in colors, materials or items such as accessories. In this crazy, hectic world we live in, nature is our calming influence and the home is one of the most important places to have that feeling.


The home now has a freshness to it, color has been layered throughout and the space opened up to enhance natural light.

\When my client viewed the “after” photographs, she could hardly believe it was her home. Her family said she was sending photos of a project from a magazine as a joke.

She now lives in her dream house—it has become her reality.

Our homes have such an impact on our state of happiness and well-being, it is so wonderful for me to be able to change people’s lives for the better.

The Foyer AFTER remodel

MUGS-Hillman-8x10-250p-4 copy

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