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The word Paisley defined


I am enjoying the resurgence of paisley in interior design today.  Not only because of the points I touched upon in our June Newsletter but, because the work designers and artisans are creating today offer so many different resources for extending the use of the pattern, such as reversing and mixing them with contemporary styles and geometric designs.  They are being made to work well with stripes and graphics as well.

There are variations available that give a room a very lush appeal, creating a luxurious feel to your space.

From traditional and tonal expressions

Robert Allen paisley swatch
Robert Allen - Okemo | Spring Grass
robert allen

Laurea Ashley Paisley wallpaper


Laura Ashley Imperial Treads living room

Laura Ashley Malabar Wallpaper Dark Cocoa



laura ashley


Cole & Son_contemporary_restyled_rajapur


Rajapur Contemporary Restyled

Malabar 66:1005, New Contemporary Collection, Cole & Son

Rajapur Contemporary Restyled

cole & son

To the more exuberant

Take a look at the color in the patterns below. Don’t they take you back on a trip to the days of Beatles and their paisley attire?  Subsequently, paisley became synonymous with the psychedelic styles of clothing, poster art, album covers, and Fender guitars, to mention a few of the iconic memories of the era.  In the 80’s, Prince used the icon in his logo and public identity.


Robert Allen Raleigh Tavern paisley



Robert Allen Raleigh Tavern paisley Dorian Grey

Raleigh Tavern

robert allen


Today, designers are incorporating modern design elements and techniques to create a more edgy and graphic display.  The patterns are still colorful and lively.

PaisleyPower pillows

Paisley Power fabrics

Patrick Moriarty


Sometimes it is the graphic example that makes the room.  Here’s where an accent wall is just the place for a bold, statement piece.


Cole & Son Malabar swatches

Malabar – New Contemporary Collection

cole & son

Our look at the Paisley in design has been a delightful experience for this LA designer.  Taking the elements and realizing the many ways they can be used is great fodder for your creative juices.  If you missed it, see more in our June Newsletter.


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