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Mural by Sally Franks for Wallsauce

Mural by Sally Franks

Wallcoverings today are not like your grandparent’s wallpaper anymore.

Today they are bolder and more expressive, and one of the most prominent statement mediums for the home.

The latest trends offer much more than the typical patterns you might have viewed in the wallpaper books at the paint store. Frankly, wallpaper has been having a boom for the last several years, and it continues to surge as creative offerings just keep coming. Think maximalism in the marketplace—with an abundance of textures, vibrant color, large format elements, graphic and artistic treatments, wall murals, and even commentary with attitude. 
People are spending more time at home these days, and many homeowners are looking for more color and bold expression in their interior decor choices.
Manufacturers and designers have responded brilliantly with new collections and in their use of sustainable materials. 
I would like to share some of the designs with you that have caught my eye.


The use of murals is experiencing a resurgence. It used to be all about finding a great muralist, but now there are amazing new wallpapers that can transport a room, giving it new meaning with the addition of mural wallpaper.
This incredible floral from Wallsauce and is somewhat reminiscent of the Dutch masters. What a surprise it would be when entering a room.

Mural by Uta Naumann


Murals are a great way of creating an atmosphere and defining a space.
I adore this pairing from Woodchip & Magnolia in the UK. The combination of a contemporary desk and a pastoral scene in a limited color palette makes it feel modern. As products change in the marketplace, so does the way we mix them,  making them fresh and relevant.

Woodchip & Magnolia

The art of storytelling is simply the best motif for a children’s room. The art is terrific. As a child, my books were amongst my favorite things. We are fortunate that the illustrations have transitioned from books to walls giving nurseries and kid’s rooms a  magical, animated feel. And created so much work for today's artists and illustrators.
Case in point, Dina Bandman Design created a bright and enchanting world for this nursery. It’s charming.

Dina Bandman Interiors
Photography by  Christopher Stark 


One of the best things about wallpaper is the fine art and architectural detailing coming out of the industry. Get up close like you would a painting to examine the intricate work. The inspiration for a wallpaper pattern is much more global as well as historical.


Precarious Pango



Japanese Cranes


Brindille Gold Accent


One style that will never lose its luster is the textured wall. Textures offer a different character from paint. Moreover, the rooms feel enveloped in warmth. There is an extensive range of colors and materials to choose from. Varying the weave scale or patterns works well in creating anything from a subtle composition to a more dynamic one.
Becky Shea Design accomplishes this beautifully in the bedroom below. The deep soothing walls have a strong yet calming presence, and they accentuate the many textures throughout the room.  

Becky Shea Design
Photography by Sean Litchfield


The call of nature reigns supreme in wallpaper design today. Sometimes it only takes a suggestion of the outdoors to feel comforted, and when it’s a grand display, what an impact. Last year, most people had a limited connection to nature, so much so, that these pieces have taken off in interior design. People are bringing nature indoors in a big way. Realistic or graphic representations will work in any room.

  Achillea – Aurora,
from Little Greene’s first wallpaper collection in partnership with the National Trust. 
Little Greene 


Border treatments are not new to wallpaper design, but the placement and combinations are more creative than ever. No rules, just fun! 

Nidra Border Blush

The photo below is an installation I did for a dining room. (OK, don’t photo shame me, this is just me and my phone camera). We custom colorized a wallpaper from Iona Crawford, a designer in Ireland. We shifted colors in this pattern and sent samples back and forth for approval before the print was sent to production.  
My point: Now, you can customize your own wallpaper. Are you thinking of a design? There are wallpaper companies out there that will print it for you.

Iona Crawford through Made Resource Group

Wallpaper can be your go-to if you want to inject your personality into a room or create a unique statement.
Remember, you don’t have to paper all of the walls in a room. If you are uncertain about making that commitment, you can do a feature wall or the border treatment. No matter what you decide, wallpapers are an excellent way to step up the design in your home. Entries and powder rooms are a fun place to start. Those rooms are smaller, and so is the investment, visually and monetarily.
One of my favorite sayings is, “Don’t be boring, be brave.”
Wallpaper today is just that.

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