Interior Design Trends for 2018
Interior Design Trends for 2018
Lauren Jacobson Interior Design Newsletter
March 2018

Interior Design Trends for 2018. What’s in, and now out.

As an Interior Designer, I have my own design conceit—and I do not follow trends. I may incorporate things I like and see into my own vocabulary. 

With that in mind, I put together a quick list of what has been done and what to look foward to in 2018.  My advice;  pick and choose what resonates with you and your home.

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

It is projected that people will gravitate toward more natural, earthy vibes in grey, tan and browns and that a Scandinavian aesthetic will prevail.  I am also seeing Mid-Century Modern being replaced by Neoclassic traditional, and antiques are updated and mixed in with clean line furnishings.  
Styles you will be seeing in greater prominence this year;

High gloss painted walls and or ceilings
Curved sofas and softer edge furnishings 
Bold wallpaper
Lavender and lilac color
Darker browns, neutrals in furnishings & fabrics paired with jewel tones
Circle patterns
Natural elements that reflects the geography of the home
Colorful trim and casings
Colorful doors-entry and interior

Bold floral fabric patterns 
Mixing metal finishes-no more matching
Patterned live plants
Terrazzo flooring

Spa inspired bathrooms
Large art pieces on the wall

Darker hues on walls-moodier palettes
Behr Nile River dining room setting and walls, In The Moment, blue paint from Behr

photo  Courtesy of madigan studios

In the Moment, a restorative blue-green hue from Behr, specifically meant to soothe and relax.  Behr Nile River S420-3 (upper wall), Secluded Woods S420-7 (wainscot)
Sherwin Williams' Oceanside Blue dining room, Blue rooms from Sherwin Williams

sherwin williams

Oceanside, from Sherwin Williams. A rich and vibrant blue that exudes life and energy.  Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year.  Photo courtesy of The Sherwin-Williams Company and reproduced with permission.
©2018 The Sherwin-Williams Company

Painted cabinetry in the kitchen
Black or blue cabinetry in kitchen paired with warm wood

House Beautiful black cabinetry in kitchen, black kitchens

Photograph by James Baigrie for House Beautiful

Living metal that evolve and patina for plumbing fixtures
Matte Gun Metal, Brushed Copper and Matte British Gold  

Patterned floors
Colorful ceramic tile

Porcelain tile from Arizona Tile at KBIS

Statement ceilings whether wallpaper or wood. Make it special.

Rob Lominski, Project Architect,  Wadia Associates. Cindy Rinfret, Rinfret, Ltd. Interior Design and Decoration
Every home has its own architecture which will inform that home’s interior vocabulary and every homeowner has their own personality which also informs the interior of a home.
Interior design trends are like fashion for your home, not everything will become part of your style but it is nice to have new ideas to choose from. It keeps things exciting don’t you think?
Kind Regards,
Lauren Jacobsen, Los Angeles interior designer, interior design, transitional designer in Los Angeles.
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