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Read about the inspiration behind the development of the 2020 colors.
Read about the inspiration behind the development of the 2020 colors.
Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design Newsletter
July 2019

Pantone Color of the Year 2020—Already?

You read that right.  We’re talking about the speculation over the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, in July.  You ask why?  Because it is rumored to be inspired by the ocean, my favorite source of inspiration for all things creative and personal.  A nature-inspired palette.

A Footwear News article reported that Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, spoke to an audience at a Sourcing at Magic seminar, noting that the sea inspires the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2020.  She suggested that layering sea-inspired colors will create texture and interest. 
She couldn’t be more correct.  I am already there and using these colors in the homes that I am designing.  Vivid colors that are deep and rich and have a wonderful calming feel to them.  Today, in our fast-paced lives, our homes need to have more Biophilic design, which provides restoration and a positive mind.  Briefly explained, it is an attempt to connect your environment to the natural world.
If you missed last month’s newsletter, please go to my blog to see more of these inspirational colors in a home remodel I recently completed.

Blue will be the main color, while driftwood and dried seaweed inspire the browns.  The lighter blues and cool green hues with sand-like whites will offer muted options.
Each year, Pantone works towards identifying and inspiring color trends for fashion and home furnishings, and this year, they have gone further into their search for natural influences.  
The palette below adds a different point-of-view to the ocean-inspired color.  Pantone has set their eyes upon the Japanese ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, called the Way of Tea. They have created a palette they call Tea Garden, which was made to evoke harmony, respect, and tranquility.  
The blending of the deep hues caught my eye—as did the Katagami fabric used in the Pantone samples.
Pantone Tea Garden colour palette


The word katagami, is the Japanese term for paper stencil which translates literally as “pattern paper.”  It is the Japanese craft of making finely cut layered paper stencils for dyeing textiles, typically cotton and silk.  Their motifs are drawn from nature, traditional folklore, and literature.  Not only used for kimonos and other garments, it is now also used in wall coverings, paper manufacturing, and fabrics worldwide.
These wall coverings are examples of the modern-day expressions of katagami in interior design from the Designers Guild and are great examples of monochromatic blending and texture.

designers guild

The katagami fabric below is a close-up look at offerings by Rubelli.  The dye and the weave are beautifully blended, and the unstructured pattern offers a unique, even natural design.
Rubelli website link

Hall divanetto sofa by Arflex, covered in Katagami 30223/11


Rubelli Katagami styled fabric swatches
Rubelli website link

On the left:  Sanandaj 30201/5 
on the right:  Katagami 30223/10
Bubble rock sofa by Living Divani covered in Mrs Robinson 30213/5


With its rich textures and saturated color, the palette remains true to the intentional Zen-like quality with which it was inspired.  It is a beautiful blending of the ocean and a garden, creating a place of calm refuge and solace.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.
Next month I will expand on these colors, taking them into the world of Maximalism and showing them in unconventional uses. 
All the best,
Lauren Jacobsen Design
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