Nature-Inspired Furnishings

I chose to highlight the natural world this month, not only because we find ourselves indoors more than usual these days, but because it is springtime, and my personal design style comes from infusing the natural world into my projects. Nature has always been a big part of my life, and my work is inspired by it.  I work to create a warm and beautiful space that will be a calming presence in the home.
It is possible that living and working from home is filling some of you with thoughts of redecorating, or simply freshening up a room, so why not incorporate things of nature.  The opportunities for a unique design experience are infinite. I am also adding a few images that might inspire you to complete some projects you did not have time to do before, like updating your kid's room or the guest bath. 

Form, texture, color, and light make up the elemental foundation in nature and drive the design.

Luxury estate family room open interior with high ceilings, chandelier, ocean view – Storm rendering at Adobe Stock

Open plan kitchen and diner to garden in modern terrace – Slavun at Adobe Stock

Neutral-clad living rooms are welcoming, warm, and classic. From linen to taupe, dove grey to charcoal, black to beige. There are several ways to create depth in a neutral living room. Through contrast, such as pairing white walls with dark furnishings,  creating a space that is warm and sophisticated.  Or, in many cases, it is about juxtaposing textures; rough-hewn against something smooth and clean that can highlight items when layered, making the room more than a single ‘note.’

Luxurious interior design living room and fireplace in a beautiful house – Slavun photo at Adobe Stock

Bright bedroom with atumnal decorations – at Adobe Stock

Stylish interior design with tropical leaves – Yavdat at Adobe Stock

In the rooms above, layering natural textures like reclaimed wood, the cotton flatweave rug, woven baskets, and linen fabrics makes this room feel warm and intimate. Utilizing texture adds depth and interest to a room.

Black for punctuation. 

Do you prefer a neutral color palette or are bright and reflective colors your thing?  How about mixing the two?  Put a bit of life in that palette and don’t be afraid to add some color.  The effect is dynamic.

Dining room interior design by Lauren Jacobsen

Living room fireplace design by Lauren Jacobsen

I love using high-quality luxe forms and combine them with natural elements. Using beautiful, handcrafted containers in rich finishes and materials create a beautiful result. 

The preference for using materials that meet sustainable standards is a big part of my work.

The Phoenix chair by John Makepeace, OBE

Phoenix Chair

The Mulberry 3 table and chairs by John Makepeace, OBE

Mulberry table & chairs

These innovative, structural pieces below were designed by John Makepeace OBE, a British designer and furniture maker who uses a sustainable source of fine indigenous woods and designs flowing forms more suited to human comfort and well-being.

Copyright: John Makepeace, OBE

Those projects that may have always been on the “must-do” list may be taking new precedence.

You may not be able to do an entire room with wallpaper, but what about a wall?  Birds & Butterflies, new wallpaper and fabric from Schumacher, is charming and lively, and it will works in a bathroom too.


Schumacher wallpaper room design


Birds & Butterflies






• • •
What is it that fills a room with warmth? 
How do I convey a welcoming atmosphere?
What is it that breathes life into my space?
• • •
The answers to these questions are personal and potentially ‘life-changing’ to a room.  Once answered, the design is interpreted through the choices in your decor, and will define your home as one that is expressive of the people living there.  
I would be happy to help you find the pieces that tell that story.
Stay safe out there.
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