My Favorite Decor Finds For 2018

My Favorite Decor Finds For 2018

Whether you celebrate for religious reasons or as tradition, the Holiday season is truly a special time of year.  It is time to celebrate the season and enjoy the spirit of it all, even those ugly sweaters. Well, maybe not the sweaters.

With all the holiday decorating I have been doing for my clients, I have enjoyed finding so many fun and creative items made just for the merrymaking.  They are a feast for the eyes and fodder for this interior designer.  I would like to share some of my favorites with you in hopes of sparking that creative spirit and to inspire the decorator at heart.

I like the use of gold in brushed and aged finishes. They offer a warm, rich tone to the room and add a level of sophistication.  It reminds me of a more vintage or traditional holiday feel.

Amara wilderness styled holiday living room
Amara Gold Dogs with Crowns ornaments
Dog with crown ornaments

The brass trees from Burke Decor have also struck a chord.  Maybe it’s the graphic styling that catches my eye.

Modern Brass Forest Trees

I’m always looking to juxtapose classic and contemporary styles.  They can create an unexpectedly perfect result.

* * *

Last year, understatement was the trend in holiday decor, with the nontraditional becoming the tradition.  This year I have seen the combination of silver metallics and white adding more glitter embellished pieces in the mix.  A white Christmas with a twist of glitter and shine.



Tozai Silver Antler Trays

* * *

Every year there are fun and whimsical animal motifs to fill any home wih joy.  The photos below are some of the best fauna I saw during my latest outings to look for decorations. The Polar bears are from the Shinoda Design Center. They’re so sweet, you can’t help but love them!

Lauren's Christmas decor photos


The red and white fretwork pillows from Amara are fabulous.  The Scandinavian style silhouettes are an enchanting statement for holidays.

Amara folklore deer & tree FRETWORK STAG PILLOWs


* * *

Shinoda showcases an array of themes and styles—they are good at their displays.  I thought I would share a couple of their ‘cool’ palette inspirations using cobalt blue, silver, white, and glass arrangements.

Shinoda Holiday decorations in blue, white, and silver
* * *

If you decide not to do thematic ornamentation this year, think about how interesting it will be to see how your own collection of holiday decor comes together.  It will be  serendipitous because your choices will always have a place in your home—reflecting what you love—making them timeless.

Time to wrap it up and wish you all the best.  Happy and healthy Holidays to you from Lauren Jacobsen Design.

gold tree

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