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Lauren Jacobsen Design applies extensive customization to today’s luxury bath, but I have narrowed it down to three main elements for a quick overview.

We invest quality time in our primary bathrooms, and it is not surprising that the design of this room has become an essential part of a new build or remodel. A bath is now a sanctuary and not just a place to get clean. It may be the key to living a more healthy existence.

It is also where most of us begin our day to get going and end our day by winding down, so it must provide multiple scenes.

Custom rendering of luxury bath

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Details are designed to give specific physical and emotional feelings. 
An example would be flooring that can be customized for a bold statement. It is a large visual plane in the room and can provide unexpected beauty, a sense of drama, and theater. 

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These features represent high-quality materials from the best manufacturers with a history of great products.
Do they always have to be prestigious brands? No, however, they are brands who have had more time in the market to reach a higher level. They invest in R & D, and they offer artisan quality. For luxury bath clients, these brands must work and last. They must also be beautiful but low maintenance. On the design side,  Lauren Jacobsen Design attends manufacturing shows and showroom events so we can provide education and experience on products our clients do not know to ask about.

Hamilton Sinkler cabinet hardware


Representing high-quality craftsmanship, Hamilton Sinkler produces striking, innovative designs in collaboration with artists willing to interpret their visions in door and cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of a room, and part of the material layering our firm utilizes to produce uniqueness in the room and capture our client's personalities.


Nearly all luxury baths include a toilet and a bidet these days, or a combination all-in-one unit. This TOTO wall-hung NEOREST® AC toilet features high-efficiency performance and EWATER+®, to help reduce the need for cleaning inside. Outside, its clean, modern shape mounts to the wall, saving space and eliminating a toilet base that can collect dirt.

TOTO also offers a complete line of remote-controlled electronic bidets—for example, the WASHLET® S500 bidet seat series. Features include customizable warm-water personal cleansing, heated seat, WASHLET wand self-cleans with EWATER+®, air dryer, and nightlight for a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom experience. All of which add to the luxury aspect of the bath.




This is where real personalization comes in. 

Steam shower - heart on glass

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Luxury, or the "feeling" of luxury, is unique to each person. For some, it is about wellness: a two-person steam shower, an effervescent bath with hydro massage, and chromotherapy lighting—even two private water closets, each with Smart toilets. Technology enters this level in heated floors, toilet seats, and shower benches.

Lighting a bath is not only about tasks but also mood and rest. Motion sensors automatically detect movement, provide low-level lighting at night, and have automatic shut-off functionality. Preset lighting can also enhance romance.

Clients want their technology but do not want it to be overly complicated.

Then there is the personal "stuff" every man and woman has or needs to get ready in the morning or evening before bed. As a designer, this is one of the biggest challenges we face as the oh-so-convenient visual clutter on the countertops is not conducive to serenity. Providing a space accessible for clients' products requires careful planning and usability solutions. There are docking drawers for phones, tablets, etc., electrified drawers for hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, and curling irons or electric shavers. 

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Luxury baths can also extend into adjacent areas serving the bath. Why go all the way to the kitchen when you can have a built-in cappucino  maker or temperature-controlled wine fridge that will keep your favorite wine at your preferred temperature?

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An additional convenience might be a personal laundry tower complete with a steam closet to de-wrinkle even the most delicate silks. Warm towels as you step out of the shower are a lovely luxury touch. A towel warmer close to the tub or shower just within reach and warming drawers also do nicely. Put your slippers in the drawer, so they are nice and toasty when needed. This washer/dryer combination is great for an adjacent laundry room. Doing laundry takes on a new meaning in a luxury state of mind.


It’s all about personalization.

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Light. Space. Repose. Your luxury bathroom should deliver these and provide wellness and restoration. It has become one of the most important rooms in the house, evolving from basic functionality to more of an “experience.” 

Luxury design is both emotional and functional. Emotional, in that it is daring, nurturing, and encourages well-being. Functional because it is an innovative and smart design.

As a designer, I am responsible for providing practical advice, but I always want to excite and surprise my clients with an authentic space.

If you are ready for your amazing personalized luxury bath in the Scottsdale, Arizona, or Southern California area, contact Lauren Jacobsen Design to schedule a consultation.


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