Ultra Violet – Pantone Color of the Year
Ultra Violet – Pantone Color of the Year

Ultra Violet

An Original and Visionary Color Choice From Pantone

Pantone looks to the cosmos for their Color of the Year for 2018. 
Ultra Violet—a combination of red and blue—is symbolic of non-conformity, conveys powerful self-expression, is linked to the wellness movement, and has historically mystical and spiritual attributes.  It is quite the choice for the tenor of society today.
The Pantone Color Institute has been selecting the Color of the Year since the year 2000, by tracking influences in art, entertainment, travel, technology, sports and fashion and through traveling the world searching for “color signals” in food, cars, cosmetics, clothes, and housewares.  Based on those findings, the experts declare their choice for Color of the Year.  
Pantone is the preeminent source for brand identities and product development worldwide.  They are also a key part of the fashion color story of the year.  Design houses from Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Gucci, and Balenciaga, to name a few, are keen to work with this bold and optimistic color.
Pantone color palettes


Pantone has created several palettes to work with Ultra Violet, much of which can serve as a guide and inspiration to use in the home.  I am partial to Intrigue and Purple Haze.  Click picture above or here to review.
For the home, Ultra Violet can instantly transform a room.  It is definitely a statement color and be used in many different applications.  From a dominant expression of sophistication to a more, subtle use as an accent color.  As we move into 2018, the direction in interiors will be toward much darker, richer and moodier colors.  Ultra Violet embraces this new direction.  If you had a chance to look at the color palettes above, you will see just how versatile this color really is when mixed with other colors.

1.  Arlo & jacob

2.  Photo by emilio Martin on unsplash

3.  Viyet – Robert Allen Samuel Tufted Armchair

4.  Storyblocks stock photo

5.  Arlo & jacob

6.  Photo by OSCAR AGUILAR on Unsplash

7.  Viyet – Alicia 'Above the Crowd' Mixed media on canvas

This is the color match in the paint from Sherwin Williams.
Ultra Violet works well in conjunction with metallic surfaces, creating dazzling and luxurious looks and, when paired with neutral grays or greens, is quite elegant.  Be careful if you want to use it on walls, it is a very strong statement and not coined with the word “ultra” for nothing.  If you want to add violet to your room, look at an accent wall or wall covering with violet as one of the dominant colors.  As a fabric, look at upholstery in velvets to add a feeling of luxury and texture.  
Ferdinand Chair at Arlo & Jacob

Arlo & Jacob

Accessories are always of interest in amethyst color in bookshelves or on coffee tables. Ultra Violet will pair wonderfully with neutrals such as khaki, chocolate brown, camel or gray.
Robert Allen DesignStudio website

Robert Allen DesignStudio

Photo by Nabajyoti Ray on Unsplash

Ultra Violet may be a challenge but, it can be great fun and yes, it lends itself to a whole new perspective.  As it conveys self-expression, be sure it is always your expression, your style and what you feel comfortable with.
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