It is an emotional time when your kids grow up and leave home.

You might be ready for your child to start their new life or college experience but, an empty room that was full of your child’s spirit and personality is a reminder of what is now missing:  those half-eaten sandwiches, sports paraphernalia, dirty clothes on the floor, and surfaces smothered in unnecessary paper and candy wrappers. It is a tough transition for many parents and one way to address this is to decide how you will use that room now that it won’t be lived in every day.

Before you reclaim their space, you may want to discuss with your child your plans, and hear what he or she would like the room to be like when it is time for them to come home for a visit.  You may agree with your teen, there should still be some evidence of their place at home. 

Some ideas to stimulate what direction you could take to redesign that room.

New Colors

Removing posters and mementos and repainting the walls is a good first step in changing how the room feels. The girls may ask for a sophisticated, calm place to come home to and this bedroom in four colors might be a great solution.  It would also be a nice combination for a guest room.

Robert Allen greys and gold bedroom



The guys may just want something cool, and expressive of their cool personality. Whether they are there or not, they may want to be remembered that way.  Here is a great, bold bedroom look to consider.

Benjamin Moore cool royal  blue bedroom


Wall: Blue Danube 2062-30, Natura, Eggshell

Outside wall: Guilford Green HC-116, Regal Select Exterior High Build, Low Lustre


You may agree with your teen, there should still be some evidence of their place at home.

There are many ways to create a new and delightful space in your home.  After all, you have a future ahead of you too, or at least one can dream.  Please go to my website if you are in need of ideas for a home office or a spare bedroom.  Remember that the change helps both of you “let go” of the past and look forward toward the future. Take “Before” pictures of the room, and then put those in a photo album for your son or daughter so past memories are preserved.

Home Office

A new desk for that novel you have always wanted to ‘pen,’ in one corner and a chaise lounge in the other.  Either way, if you have a new chapter in life to fill—make it a great one.

Robert Allen home offices



Lauren's Home Office interior



A spare bedroom is an obvious solution.  I particularly like these color combinations because they are fresh, unexpected and exemplify a new chapter.

Robert Allen bedrooms


Robert Allen Wynsome Paisley bedroom


Craft Room

Should you wish to pursue a creative endeavor, you could create a room for arts and crafts and even gift wrapping.  The room can incorporate many purposes.  

Sew Many Ways



Taylor Made Craft room


Need help?  If you aren’t sure what to do, or you are overwhelmed with the emotions you are feeling about this big life change, please call for an appointment. I can make the process fun and easy for you. Email me and we can discuss your new space.


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