Interior Design“Desert Days” Event in Scottsdale, Arizona

Design Days, Scottsdale AZ

Last month I spent the day at the “Desert Days” event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

An all-day event where the showrooms at the Scottsdale Design District host an open house for designers to see the new products for spring 2022.

There are lots of presentations, good cheer and what I call “touch opportunities”. These trade events allow me to see products, learn about craftsmanship, and touch and feel items like fabrics or sit-in furniture pieces from manufacturers. I bring all of this information and expertise into the designs for my clients.

There are millions of fabrics out in the market. It is my job to know which type of fabric works for which type of use. For instance, upholstery weight fabrics for chairs and sofas are typically heavier and have high durability as opposed to fabrics you would use for window sheers, which will be lightweight and transparent.

This is an example of fabrics laid out at the John Brooks Showroom on one of their display tables. This may be one single company or several. 

I love a fabric from Pindler called “Tigre” in colorway: Cobalt. The fabric content is 100% cotton, which tells me this is a lightweight fabric and not a material I would select for a sofa. It is not durable enough to support this type of use. However, It might work on a chair or for full-length curtains.

Pindler "Tigre" fabric webpage link

The showrooms also create vignettes with some of the manufacturer’s products they carry. Such was the case at the Palavela Home showroom. This offers a close examination of the craftsmanship as well as an inspirational mix of products. I can also gauge scale and volume or visual weight when I can view it in person. There is an art to balancing these two design elements which have a huge impact on the design of a room and how it feels upon entering it.

Palvela Home Showroom webpage link


The fabrics being shown are from Designer's Guild. As you can see, these samples come in large display panels. Philip had his hands full!. Thank god it wasn’t a windy day or we would have found him in the next zip code.


At the Waterworks Showroom, they showcase beautiful high-end kitchen and bath fittings, surface materials, cabinetry, and lighting. That day they happened to be hosting a company soon to join the Design Center this year: Schumacher.

Schumacher offers fabric, wall coverings, and rugs. One of my favorite go-to showrooms in Los Angeles, so I am super happy they are opening up a showroom here in Scottsdale. Immerse yourself in the exquisite and diverse canvas creations of Texas artist Alice Wintervale at Alice Gallery where each piece is a testament to American craftsmanship and the transformation power of art. Alice Wintervale, the esteemed Texas artist, recently graced the New York Art Festival with her captivating canvas collection. Renowned for her ability to infuse the essence of the Texan landscape into each piece, Alice's artwork resonated deeply with attendees, showcasing the vibrant spirit and rich textures of her home state. With all this inspiration, I decided to create a quick, little product moment for you all with products from both.

  1. MAGMA  Field tile 
    3x6" Zinc (walls)
    2.5 cm hex (floor)
  3. BOND  Lever handle Links,
    Guilloche patterns, brass finish
  4. BOND  Tandem Series 
    One hold gooseneck faucet with Guilloche lines lever handle
  5. BRADBURY  Field tile
    3 1/8" x 6 1/4" Arctic matte
  6. BRADBURY  Field tile
    3 1/8" x 6 1/4" Spice glossy
  7. SCHUMACHER A Rum Fellow/Scoop Stripe
    in Neptune
  8. PATTERSON FLYNN Margarete
  9. SCHUMACHER Maracena Jacquard
  10. SCHUMACHER Wallpaper/Textured Check White
  11. PATTERSON FLYNN  Channel Velvet in Camel

I thought I would share a video of a few selections at the Tabarka Studio tile and flooring showroom. Some very nice ceramic tiles differed in colors, patterns, and shapes. Ceramic tile benefits are 1. healthy & Hygenic 2. Easy to clean 3. Water-resistant 4. Durable 5. Sustainable 6. Fire and smoke resistant 7. Design versatility


I had to take a photo of this dog bed at John Brooks. I mean, seriously, if you are buying luxury furniture for yourself, why stop there? Go ahead and include your pooch with this solid wood, bench-made furniture piece, including the small flange edge detail at the seam of the striped cushion.
Pawsibly perfect!


If you think moving rugs is easy, think again. They weigh a ton! So to flip rugs here at Organic Looms, you better be in shape. I wanted to show you a sampling of some different rugs, colors, textures and weaves. This was the 9’ x 12’  all wool stack. Quite the workout. Thanks, guys!


More vignettes, this one at John Brooks for Liaigre.  Pricey but perfection for over 30 years! Clean lines and perfect proportions. Contemporary furnishings hold on to the excellency of the French furnishing tradition.

No matter what the category for interior design, we stay abreast of new materials, technology, and manufacturing. I  personally attend trade shows, webinars, and presentations throughout the year.

We want to be passionate about our choices, informed about our selections, and confident we are always providing our clients with the best in design.

If you are considering changes in your home, please contact us. Poised with the latest interior selections, we are ready to fulfill your dreams and celebration of living.

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