GREENERY – Pantone’s Nature-Inspired Choice for Color of the Year

Greenery, is meant to capture the hope and transformation yearned for each Spring.  In this post, I would like to add some of the colors Pantone pairs with their bright and vibrant hue. One of the best things Pantone offers are more palettes from which to pull from when designing around their choice. I have selected two of those palettes that I am very fond of for use in interior design and have paired them with shots from nature that would work as their inspiration.

The living room pictures that follow are from Curated Kravet and they are great examples of how one might use these Pantone palettes. It is just as possible to feature Greenery in a more subdued way as it is to use it in a bright and bold expression.

The first room is full of light and uncluttered, creating a space that is airy and comfortable. The mixes of wood and the dark blue in the lamps add depth and offer just enough contrast to give us a more tangible experience.

Beach landscape. Baltic coast.


Kravet Living room by Jan Showers

jan showers for  curated kravet 


The palette below is a break from the traditional but, like the others in this year’s Pantone’s COTY inspiration, are all nature-inspired.  From warm, sunny days to an island paradise or, to refreshing mountain air and waters.  Forest Floor is another versatile example.


springtime wetlands forest


Kravet shows us here how upscale and beautiful our bright green is when used as an as accent color.  And the bolder, sophistication in this palette lends itself to a more masculine and dynamic room.  Great use of color.

Tom Filicia living room for Kravet

thom filicia for curated kravet

Click here see more of the Pantone Color of the Year color combinations.

If you need help with colors or you are repainting and need a whole color palette for your home, it is one of our specialties, so feel free to give us a call or send an email.

So believe it, greenery is a versatile color and is a great source for the creative thinker.
The more I work with it, the more I like it.


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