Bringing Art Deco Style Home

Art Deco—a style that is synonymous with glamor and luxury—is something that can be achieved with as much or as little decor and styling as you desire.

Eichholtz Interiors - Art Deco style


Being a streamlined and structured foundation, the one thing you will want to remember is symmetry.  If you have a room with a symmetrical structure, you’re off to a great start.  If not, seating areas, furniture, and lighting are the key.

Delightfull Unique Lighting Art Deco style interiors

delightful unique lamps

You will also want to consider to a few basic rules.


Traditional Art Deco is more contrasting, using bold combinations; black and white, golden with red, orange or brown shades.
Modern uses are more subtle and can be varied by mixing warm and cool colors. Both incorporate lots of sheen in the furnishings.


Marble, wood, metals, shells, mirrors, and rich finishes.


Table lamps, sculptures, sconces, and paintings with African and Egyptian styling.
Straight and curvy lined, zigzagged, and chevron patterned fabrics and wallpaper.


Animal and Industrial are the dominant themes here but again, the main element is a sense of luxury.

Eichholtz Art Deco Interiors



Art Deco style is founded on mathematical geometric shapes and their repetition within a piece of furniture or light fixture.  Because of the symmetry within the style, there is a visual order to it that it is not only unique but aesthetically pleasing. So, if you are ready for a return to an elegant style, Art Deco is a great place to look for inspiration.  I would like to thank the folks at Eichholtz and Delightfull Unique Lamps for being so generous in allowing us to showcase some of their work.  For more on Art Deco, please go to the Newsletter page and see the May issue.


Art Deco furnishings and accessories at Polyvore


If you’re looking for accessories and furnishings, Polyvore is another great resource to peruse through.
Click on Polyvore for itemized information on the wonderful pieces shown above.


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