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Just a quick note for you.  The use of animal prints in interior design is always a bold and wonderful enhancement but, of late, we are seeing more tribal influences to go with them.  In fabrics, decor, and furnishings, offering more opportunities for interior designers and homeowners to create very personal and bold environments at home or in the office, by adding more flare.  One of the great things about tribal styling is that there is room for both symmetrical and asymmetrical applications and, as you will see, more cultural influences as well.  And your textural options are endless.

One such example of brilliant, creative thinking comes from our friends at Robert Allen, who have created what they are calling the Nomadic Color Collection,”  I really wanted to share it with you for inspiration. The new patterns, weaves and exotic textiles and trims go beyond the expected influences we have seen before.



Robert Allen Onyx Tribal fabrics

Robert Allen Carob fabrics


Robert Allen Nomad inspired fabricsI

I love how they combine geometrical, organic and tie-dyed surfaces.  They have also incorporated bright colors and wonderful stitching applications. mixing traditional, tribal fabrics styling with modern techniques. Sometimes, the bolder, the better.

Using these fabrics on old or refurbished furniture would be something to behold. You might add bold patterns to modern pieces but why not add a little ‘tribal’ styling into a more traditional setting and create pieces that are completely unique and unexpected.


Robert Allen Denim fabrics

Robert Allen Cement colour in tribal styled fabricsThere are more muted colors for their upholstery which are great for the more ‘modest’ in expression.  Again, I am pleased that there are so many options with which to work with. The mixture of modern, not only in the color palettes but, in the plaid and tribal/geometric combination patterns.

Tribal or Nomadic influences are not always just part of the decor but. the wall textures, rugs, and lighting play a tremendous part of the look and feel of this styling. But that is something we designers are here to help with, isn’t it?

They have also designed using their own take on Japanese Shibori textiles and mixing them with sub-Saharan African art. Brilliant.  There are more subtle color combinations and patterns to choose from as well and by combining nomadic flavor and mixing with basket weaving effects, we have a fresh take on these styles as well. Both the subdued color combinations and the bold colors are great, but, I will let the folks at Robert Allen tell you themselves, their story regarding their ideas of combining the different cultures that are so inspiring here.

Finally, the most interesting and inspiring part of creating a room in this style are the many different kinds of art and sculpture you can add.  From whatever part of the globe, whatever suits your fancy, this would be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor.


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