I asked our team to share their thoughts about design and its influence on their lives.

Gene Hamilton Klows

Residential Architect

“I strive to deliver an extraordinarily high level of design that will incorporate the homeowner’s
aesthetic as well as my own”.

Anne Marlborough

Graphics & Marketing

““There’s no place like home.” Good interior design emulates the warmth of the home. Lauren can evoke the spirit of the homeowner through great design.”

Marcus Howery

SEO Guru

My style complements comfort, warmth and exemplifies home is where the heart is. So, I roll out that fine china while eating a pizza.

Raji Blocker

Web Design & Development

In addition to its deep influence over modern arts and artists, minimalism has become popular as a philosophy and way of life for me.

Kimberly Fitzgerald


Working with Lauren Jacobsen Design, I’m constantly inspired by the beauty of change and amazed by what a designer can do to dramatically change the look of a room.