Creating great study skills in a kids bedroom design

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Creating An Environment That Encourages Great Study Skills

With the new school year in full swing and schedules filled to the brink, you may be thinking about what you can to help your kids get better grades. A personal and effective study space that encourages them to be creative and productive is certainly a positive step. It should reflect their unique personality and be an environment they can be comfortable studying in, or while having friends over. This can be a joint endeavor you work with them on or, you may want to hire a professional to work with. I often […]
Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design-bedroom

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What To Consider When Hiring An Interior Designer

Asking the right questions can make or break the flow and outcome of a project, in any profession. This month, I would like to address some of those questions and encourage you to organize your thoughts and stimulate ideas behind the questions you should keep in mind when taking the step to hire a professional for your interior or exterior upgrade. The first things a Designer wants to know: Has the potential client ever worked with a Designer before?   This will tell us if they are familiar with the design and construction […]
What happens when the kids leave home?

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It is an emotional time when your kids grow up and leave home.

You might be ready for your child to start their new life or college experience but, an empty room that was full of your child’s spirit and personality is a reminder of what is now missing:  those half-eaten sandwiches, sports paraphernalia, dirty clothes on the floor, and surfaces smothered in unnecessary paper and candy wrappers. It is a tough transition for many parents and one way to address this is to decide how you will use that room now that it won’t be lived in every day. Before you reclaim their […]
Paisley design in Interiors, Fashion and a bit of history

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PAISLEY – Interiors, Fashion and Fun

X I am enjoying the resurgence of paisley in interior design today.  Not only because of the points I touched upon in our June Newsletter but, because the work designers and artisans are creating today offer so many different resources for extending the use of the pattern, such as reversing and mixing them with contemporary styles and geometric designs.  They are being made to work well with stripes and graphics as well.   There are variations available that give a room a very lush appeal, creating a luxurious feel to your space.   […]
Art Deco in Interior Design

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Bringing Art Deco Style Home

Art Deco—a style that is synonymous with glamor and luxury—is something that can be achieved with as much or as little decor and styling as you desire. Eichholtz Being a streamlined and structured foundation, the one thing you will want to remember is symmetry.  If you have a room with a symmetrical structure, you’re off to a great start.  If not, seating areas, furniture, and lighting are the key. delightful unique lamps You will also want to consider to a few basic rules. Color Traditional Art Deco is more contrasting, using bold […]