Paisley design in Interiors, Fashion and a bit of history

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PAISLEY – Interiors, Fashion and Fun

X I am enjoying the resurgence of paisley in interior design today.  Not only because of the points I touched upon in our June Newsletter but, because the work designers and artisans are creating today offer so many different resources for extending the use of the pattern, such as reversing and mixing them with contemporary styles and geometric designs.  They are being made to work well with stripes and graphics as well.   There are variations available that give a room a very lush appeal, creating a luxurious feel to your space.   […]
Art Deco in Interior Design

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Bringing Art Deco Style Home

Art Deco—a style that is synonymous with glamor and luxury—is something that can be achieved with as much or as little decor and styling as you desire. Eichholtz Being a streamlined and structured foundation, the one thing you will want to remember is symmetry.  If you have a room with a symmetrical structure, you’re off to a great start.  If not, seating areas, furniture, and lighting are the key. delightful unique lamps You will also want to consider to a few basic rules. Color Traditional Art Deco is more contrasting, using bold […]
Lauren Jacobsen Interior Design Blog

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A Fresh Take On Tribal

Just a quick note for you.  The use of animal prints in interior design is always a bold and wonderful enhancement but, of late, we are seeing more tribal influences to go with them.  In fabrics, decor, and furnishings, offering more opportunities for interior designers and homeowners to create very personal and bold environments at home or in the office, by adding more flare.  One of the great things about tribal styling is that there is room for both symmetrical and asymmetrical applications and, as you will see, more cultural influences as […]
Curated Kravet-Greenery, Pantone Color of the Year

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GREENERY – Pantone’s Nature-Inspired Choice for Color of the Year

Greenery, is meant to capture the hope and transformation yearned for each Spring.  In this post, I would like to add some of the colors Pantone pairs with their bright and vibrant hue. One of the best things Pantone offers are more palettes from which to pull from when designing around their choice. I have selected two of those palettes that I am very fond of for use in interior design and have paired them with shots from nature that would work as their inspiration. The living room pictures that […]